Testing Lab Guidelines

The testing lab computers are for the use of CHS students and teachers in support of their class work and may be used for such things as the following:

  • Internet research related to class curriculum

  • Typing and printing (students only) documents

  • Work on computer-based programs--Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other websites and apps (LGLC-1 only)

  • Quiet and secure environment for testing



Scheduling Request

All requests must be made by filling out the online request found on the above menu, or the Castle website  Check the shared Castle Testing Labs Calendar first before requesting dates.   Once approved, your request will be posted on the calendar.  To cancel your request/reservation, please notify D. Detton or M. Tano via the knights e-mail.

Available Equipment and Supplies

The following equipment and supplies are available for teacher/student use:

  • LGLC-1 only:  40 Desktop computers 

  • Projector (HDMI cable, AV cable)

  • Laptop speakers

  • Printer (black and white only) and paper

  • Whiteboard

  • Stapler, tape, 3-hole punch

Teachers must bring their own devices to connect to the projector and speakers.  Student work must be saved to a personal flash drive, e-mail, or Google Drive.  Teachers are also responsible for bringing their own Hall and Health Room Passes, and supplies (pencils, paper, scissors, etc.).  


Personal Belongings

All purses, bags, and backpacks must be left back in the classroom or stored in the locked storage cabinet for the entirety of the period. Before sitting down, students should take out any classroom supplies they might need:  pencil, pen, folder paper, notebook, etc. Students may pick up their belongings at the end of the period only.  

Food or Drinks

No food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.  Water bottles, Hydroflasks, etc. must be checked in and stored in the locked cabinet at the beginning of the period.  


Electronic Devices

All cell phones, iPods, etc. should be turned off and stored in the locked cabinet the entire period.


Student Supervision

Teachers must remain in the lab at all times and are expected to closely monitor student activity by walking around and doing frequent screen checks.  Teachers are expected to enforce all school rules and computer lab policies.  The teacher  is also responsible for software instruction and demonstration, so please be knowledgeable about any software, apps, or websites you plan on using to teach your class.



Teachers are responsible for ensuring that all of their students are on the TRUF list of approved users.  The Acceptable Use Policy and computer lab rules should be reviewed with students before coming.



Black and white printing will be available for students only.  Before printing, they will need to notify Mrs. Detton and fill out information in the “Printing Log,” stating what they will be printing, and how many pages.  Multiple copies are not permitted in the lab.  Teachers should use their own classroom equipment and supplies to print out documents they need for class.


Saving Student Work

There are many ways to save your files/documents.  You can use a USB Flash Drive to save files and take them with you.  Otherwise you can save them to your Google student email account or onto Google Drive.  Remember that all files saved on the lab computers are temporary and will be automatically deleted once you log off.  


Computer Settings

Tampering with the hardware or software settings will not be tolerated.  Do not “personalize” or change screensaver or desktop settings.


Shutting Down the Computer  (Last period of the day)

  1. Log out of and exit all open programs (e-mail, software, websites, etc.).  Home screen (desktop) should be displayed.

  2. Click the Start (or Windows icon) at the bottom left corner of the screen.  

  3. Click the Power icon and/or Shut Down, then OK.  

    • The computer will shut down and the screen will display a message telling you when the computer is safe to turn off.  Do not power off the machine before it is ready to be shut down.  Doing so many permanently damage the computer, and make the software inoperable.

  4. Wait until the computer is completely powered off, then turn off the monitor.


Inappropriate/Personal Entertainment Sites (videos, movies, games, etc.)

Use of the computer lab is for academic purposes.  Therefore, a moderately quiet atmosphere is expected, unless classroom discussion or group work is involved.  Computer games are not to be played in the lab; streaming movies or music for entertainment purposes are also not allowed.


Security and Privacy

Teachers must monitor their student’s behavior.   Do not allow them to wander around the lab and rummage through desks and storage areas.

End of Period

  1. Log out of all e-mail, apps, software, etc.  If you are the last period of the day, you must shut down the computer.

  2. Sit patiently for the bell to ring.  Push your chairs in before leaving.

  3. On your way out, pick up your personal belongings (bags, electronic devices, food, and drinks) from the locked cabinet.

LGLC-2 Meeting Room

  • If reconfiguring the room, please put everything back to its original layout.

  • Clean up all food/drinks spillage from tables and floors.

  • Empty all trash cans outside.

  • If using the room after school hours, be sure to set the alarm via an Administrator.

Right to Refuse With Cause

Teachers, classes, and students can be denied future use if protocols and procedures are not followed, or if equipment is damaged due to poor supervision or lack of classroom management.